We're bringing Machine Learning to Microservices

Real-time, responsive and always-on applications aren't just the way the of the future, they are a pivotal requirement in today's technology-dependent world.

As engineering teams are shifting towards cloud-native and services-driven applications to support this, Kubernetes has become the default standard for building the modern stack. Teams use Kubernetes for its unprecedented agility and flexibility for continuous development, yet, the cacophony of data and alerts produced by the high volume of services makes outages harder to identify, incidents harder to troubleshoot, and life for engineers exhausting.

Today, engineering teams duct tape in-house, open source and generic products that weren't built to handle the nature of data produced from a complex, distributed and evolving services environment. These piecemeal solutions leave large gaps in data & system visibility, making it that much harder to manage, migrate, and scale Kubernetes.

We believe it is time to re-think how technology can empower engineering teams to manage this risky and stressful environment. Our unique solution is rooted in our experience with Kubernetes, building streaming events processing systems, and building pipelines and models for reinforcement learning systems.

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Vrajesh Bhavsar


An engineer with a Masters in Computer Science from USC and 20+ years of experience building hardware and software products, Vrajesh's first encounter with Machine Learning involved writing algorithms to guide self-driving cars through the complex streets of Ahmedabad in 2001. Since then, he built core components for iOS & macOS like data protection, Xcode tracing & compiler technologies, built the Machine Learning business unit at Arm, which powers billions of global devices, and delved into Kubernetes & Reinforcement Learning at Scaled Inference.

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Priyanka Tembey


A technologist with a PhD in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, Priyanka has spent over 10 years as a distributed software engineer at the forefront of cloud-native technologies. Priyanka was one of the foundational engineers to build out VMware's hybrid cloud product offering, which is now a billion dollar business. Her initial introduction to distributed systems was through an undergraduate project where she had to map out the network topology of her college campus network. Since then, she has loved geeking out on how to build resilient inter-connected systems and building things that simplify the operational experience of managing complex systems at scale.

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Ashley Roof


A marketing leader with 15 years of experience, Ashley started her career at Google in the early days of digital advertising, back when the idea of paying per click was an unbelievable prospect to most marketing executives in the world. Since then, she has built successful go-to-market orgs at a range of companies across consumer and enterprise, from startups to the Fortune 500. Most recently, she served as CMO of Transposit. She holds a BA with Honors and Distinction from Stanford University and is a proud advocate of bringing the humanities to tech with a particular penchant for DevOps haikus.

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