Shield applications from Infra to APIs

Runtime Application Protection

Automatic. Intelligent. K8s-Native.

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Scaling K8s brings new security challenges

Kubernetes has now become the de facto standard for modern applications. But the more expansive your Kubernetes environment becomes, the harder it is to manage and secure. Static scanning and infra layer dashboards are not enough to secure the entire application, while combining multiple tools becomes expensive, ineffective, and littered with technical debt.

Operant's single K8s-native application protection platform provides all the visibility and remediation controls that you need for your K8s applications to be secure-by-default so that development speed and security never need to be at odds again.

Operant detects and blocks dangerous new attack vectors in real-time

Lateral Attacks have a new dimension in Kubernetes.

Hackers are gaining access to Kubernetes clusters and moving unblocked to your most precious assets. Our service-to-service and API-based segmentation can stop them in their tracks.

Multi-Stage attacks require Multi-Layer protection.

Whether it's phishing or zero-day vulns, attackers deploy multi-stage tactics that spread rapidly. Operant's runtime protection instantly secures every application layer, from containers to APIs.

Gen AI and LLM attacks evolve every minute.

Malicious prompts, data poisoning, and data leakage make adding AI to your cloud-native stack extremely high risk. Operant secures the insides of your applications to prevent AI attacks.

“Operant observes production containers to draw the true interactions, intentional or nefarious, down to the level of specific API calls and opens a world of operational abilities for real-time security posture.”

David de Regt
Senior Director of Platform at Outreach

Unified Cloud-Native Security

“Securing Microservices and APIs at scale is increasingly complex. Operant’s ability to enforce security policies in real-time for APIs as well as data stores makes cloud stacks more secure than ever.”

Shiva Bhattacharjee
Senior Engineering Manager, Data Governance at Confluent

Be Secure by Default

Get started in minutes, really!

Within minutes of Operant’s single-step deployment, teams gain full visibility and control of their application internals with zero instrumentation.

Shift Left at Scale.

Operant helps codify and scale DevSecOps with policies that adapt with your growing applications across dev, staging and prod environments.

Built-in Control.

Beyond scanning, Operant closes the control loop by enforcing fine-grained security across APIs (native and 3rd parties), data stores, and legacy endpoints.

Securing cloud-native applications has never been easier. Experience the Operant difference.

Jump right in.

Gain access to critical analytics and controls without any extra engineering hours.

Don't waste time on maintenance.

Operant updates dynamically in real-time to evolve with your system. No code updates required.

Scale without regret.

Operant keeps pace with expanding cloud-native environments regardless of size or complexity.