Identity-First Security at Cloud-Native Scale

Application Security powered by Runtime Analytics and Enforcement Across Every Layer

Automatic Discovery and Analytics

Operant provides instant visibility of all API-endpoints, service interactions, and security gaps, including real-time catalogs for all your APIs, services, and RBACs, across every cluster and any cloud.
Catalogs and Metrics
Intelligent Controls

Real-time Risk Rankings

Operant continuously surfaces the highest severity security gaps with risk-weighted scorecards prioritized by criticality, access and exposure.
Data-driven Insights

Intelligent Runtime Enforcement

With contextual controls, Operant enforces fine-grained security measures across APIs (native and 3rd party), data stores, and legacy endpoints.

“Operant observes production containers to draw the true interactions, intentional or nefarious, down to the level of specific API calls and opens a world of operational abilities for real-time security posture.”

David de Regt
Senior Director of Platform at Outreach

Power and Simplicity
Under One Hood

Zero Instrumentation.

Get access to key analytics in less than 5 minutes, without any code changes.

Zero Drift.

Instantly apply consistent application centric policies across all Kubernetes clusters.

Zero Trust.

Lower risk and improve compliance posture with dynamic access controls for your API endpoints.

“Securing Microservices and APIs at scale is increasingly complex. Operant’s ability to enforce security policies in real-time for APIs as well as data stores makes cloud stacks more secure than ever.”

Shiva Bhattacharjee
Senior Engineering Manager, Data Governance at Confluent

Secure with confidence
in any cloud, at any scale

From dev to prod, expand coverage to services in any language, including legacy endpoints. Operant reduces risk profile across all of your distributed systems.

Securing cloud-native applications has never been easier. Experience the Operant difference.

Jump right in.

Gain access to critical analytics and controls without any extra engineering hours.

Don't waste time on maintenance.

Operant updates dynamically in real-time to evolve with your system. No code updates required.

Scale without regret.

Operant keeps pace with expanding cloud-native environments regardless of size or complexity.