Automatic Insights. Intelligent Controls.

Operant empowers teams to secure and command Kubernetes-native applications at scale

A Smarter Approach to Scaling
Mission-Critical Applications

The exploding complexity of Microservices makes faster dev cycles riskier and the needle in the haystack harder to find. Take control of the chaos before it controls you.

  • Kubernetes-native observability - Available For Free
  • Instant debuggability for APIs and Microservices
  • Insights and controls across native services and 3rd party APIs
  • Built-in data hub for adaptive system optimizations
Operant Dashboard

Expand engineering firepower without hiring an army

As applications scale, adapting to their complexity is no longer humanly possible.

SRE & Platform Teams

Prevent issues with proactive controls and reduce MTTR.

Make deployments safer with canary deploys paired with live failure insights and one-click remediations.

API Teams

Manage, test and secure APIs reliably and at scale.

Take control of the moving parts across your native and third party APIs with adaptive commands and insights.

ML Teams

Increase model robustness on live traffic.

Safely release and optimize models for targeted user segments without building new data pipelines.
K8s Observability "In A Box" - Available For Free

Automatic Catalogs and Metrics

Zero instrumentation, zero maintenance
  • Live traffic maps with built-in metrics, like throughput, latency, errors, and more.
  • Instant blast radius analysis for faster troubleshooting
  • Automatic service catalog with real-time dependency explorer
  • Automatic API catalog with discovered details like security, protocols and requests, including 3rd party APIs usage
Catalogs and Metrics
A Built-in Data Hub that scales as your K8s grows

Data-driven insights that just work

We ingest, structure and process the deluge of K8s data
  • Real-time failure propagation navigator and change timelines
  • Contextual recommendations for remediations and failure prevention with no code k8s-native implementation
  • Automatic scorecards for services and APIs for resilience, performance and security
  • Data-powered canary deploys on live prod traffic with relevant SLO and health metrics
Data-driven Insights
An Application Command Layer that works like magic

Intelligent One-Click Controls

Across any cluster without any drift
  • API rate limits, circuit breakers, and more traffic controls that adapt to your applications as usage grows
  • Zero-trust security controls, including API authentication and authorization, to keep zombies and hackers at bay
  • Scaling controls including CPU and memory auto-scaling, replica sets, and API endpoint management
Intelligent Controls

Command with confidence
in any cloud, at any scale

Operant adds a seamless layer of control to any cloud-native stack.

Managing cloud-native applications has never been easier. Experience the Operant difference.

Jump right in.

Gain access to controls that would take days or weeks to build in just minutes.

Don't waste time on maintenance.

Operant updates dynamically in real-time to evolve with your system. No code updates required.

Scale without regret.

Operant keeps pace with ballooning cloud-native environments regardless of size or complexity.