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powered by Machine Learning

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Don't drown in data,
make it work for you

Managing Microservices is overwhelming. Operant transforms the challenge of overflowing data into powerful fuel for Machine Learning.

Increase Service Visibility

Build better products & resolve incidents faster with automatic visualizations of dependencies between services, infrastructure and 3rd party APIs.

Reduce Alert Fatigue

As Microservices scale, alerts multiply exponentially. Traditional rules are not enough. Leverage real-time data processing to bring this chaos under control.

Prevent Repeat Outages

Use reinforcement learning to detect signals from the high volume of data produced by your k8s environment. Predict likely outages and apply policies that prevent them.

Product Features

Dynamic Service Maps

  • Visualize your metrics, traffic and services in real-time
  • Monitor dependencies and drill into service details with interactive modules
  • Onboard a cluster or a namespace with a single click

Alert Tuner

  • Group, snooze and suppress unnecessary alerts
  • Configure alert suppression by service criticality and sensitivity
  • Improve alert tuner with feedback from your custom alerting data

Operant Maestro

  • Take control of your k8s environment with the only ML engine built for Microservices
  • Automatically filter signals and enrich alerts with the data that matters for smoother and faster incident resolution
  • Reduce future outages by deploying contextual policies that learn over time