Meet our founders

Vrajesh Bhavsar

Co-founder and CEO

An engineer with a Masters in Computer Science from USC and over 20 years of experience building hardware and software products, Vrajesh built core technologiesfor iOS & macOS including Dynamic Tracing, Data Protection and Secure Enclave at Apple. He holds eight patents in distributed systems, data and security. He is passionate about building technology-first businesses that drive positive human impact at scale.

Priyanka Tembey

Co-founder and CTO

A technologist with a PhD in distributed systems and optimization from Georgia Tech, Priyanka has spent over 10 years as a software engineer at the forefront of cloud-native technologies. Priyanka was one of the foundational engineers to build out VMware's hybrid cloud product offering architecting its distributed policy control plane and analytics layers. She is passionate about building products that simplify the operational experience of managing complex systems at scale.

Ashley Roof

Co-founder and CMO

A marketing leader with 15 years of experience, Ashley started her career in sales and marketing at Google. Since then, she has built successful GTM orgs, from startups to the Fortune 500. Most recently, she served as CMO of Transposit. She holds a BA with Honors and Distinction from Stanford University and is a proud advocate of bringing the humanities to tech.

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