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About the book:

In 2023, cloud-native architecture has become the de facto standard for modern applications. But beyond the velocity and innovation fueled by this paradigm shift, dangerous challenges are also spreading unchecked. The old ways of securing applications in the monolithic world no longer work, while the complexity of dynamic microservice and API-driven environments make it impossible to secure applications manually. In this book, cloud security experts provide a simplified framework for understanding modern application security in a holistic and pragmatic way, while offering a vision for how engineering teams can protect themselves against the inherent dangers lurking in their stacks.

About the authors:

Dr. Priyanka Tembey holds a PhD in Computer Science with a focus on distributed systems, and architected world-class cloud systems including VMWare’s first hybrid cloud product and numerous application security solutions. Vrajesh Bhavsar is an engineer with a Masters in Computer Science from USC who built core security technologies at Apple including Dynamic Tracing, Data Protection and Secure Enclave. Ashley Roof holds a BA from Stanford University and has authored 13 books while serving as a technology marketing leader. Together, they founded Operant, the first Runtime Application Protection Platform for the cloud-native world.