Shield AI Applications from Models to APIs

Automatic. Intelligent. K8s-Native.

Operant discovers and blocks the

Operant secures AI prompts,
interactions and data-in-use
across the entire
LLM Application Stack

AI Application Protection Fuels Fast and Responsible AI Development

Secure Your Entire AI Application Stack

Actively protect against the most dangerous AI and LLM attacks from prompt injection to data exfiltration, while securing the rest of your environment against the new threats introduced by AI APIs, commercial and open source models, data connectors, as well as training frameworks.

Do More With Less

With zero instrumentation and a single-step deployment, bring the trust and safety across the entire AI application. Most other tools will add more work for your engineers, from managing python packages, manual configs, to tedious guardrail tuning, Operant reduces engineering and security overhead, fueling innovation and growth.

Reduce Costs & Tooling Overload

Eliminate the cost of installation, integrations, maintenance, training, and tooling upkeep while protecting your entire application stack from the new threats introduced by AI. Slash your security TCO by consolidating the cost of your tooling from API Threat Protection, Kubernetes Security, AppSec Observability, and Runtime Threat Detection and Response into one purpose-built turnkey solution that requires no integrations or instrumentation to work.

Scale AI Applications Faster

Don’t let new threats hold your AI application development timelines back. Operant shields every layer of all Kubernetes-based applications against major attacks and scales automatically as you grow. Deploy faster and more securely with full knowledge of your AI application behavior across every layer + proactive security guardrails that make applications Secure-by-Default so that new threats are blocked before they arise.

See the power and simplicity of Operant for yourself

Operant in Action