Kubernetes Native Security For Kubernetes Native Apps

Operant shields all of your Kubernetes clusters in real-time

Operant Unifies Full K8s Visibility and Enforcement in a Single Solution

Full Stack KSPM

Just configuring and visualizing K8s Infra leaves major open security gaps. Operant's full-stack KSPM instantly shows you everything you need to know to secure K8s applications from Infra to Microservices to APIs.


K8s permissions are insecure by default and overpermissioning leaves applications open to attacks. Operant's K8s Identity and Entitlement Management enforces access controls across pods, namespaces, services and clusters.

Runtime Threat Deterrence

Moving beyond static container scanning, Operant's runtime threat deterrence identifies, flags, and prioritizes threats based on live K8s telemetry across the entire cluster and actively shields your clusters.

With zero instrumentation, your applications will be more secure

With a single-step install that takes less than 5 minutes, Operant provides unprecedented insights and fine-grained controls

Kubernetes Security Analytics

  • Identity and RBAC Security Graph
  • Analytics across processes to API endpoints
  • Audit and Compliance Reports

Identity and Access Analytics

  • Analytics on broken permissions, identites and roles
  • Risky and Leaky Data Access
  • Fine-grained access timelines for machine and application identities

Kubernetes Policy Enforcement

  • Namespace and Pod Security Enforcements
  • RBAC and Entitlement Enforcements
  • Microsegmentation specific to K8s and cloud-native identifiers

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Save time and money while securing the entire K8s environment

Make Kubernetes More Secure

Actively protect against common K8s attacks including lateral attacks, cryptomining, zero day vulns and more. Identify and prioritize K8s security blind spots based on live data and remediate critical vulnerabilities directly within Operant’s interface without any extra engineering projects.

Do More With Less

Always know what’s happening across your entire K8s application stack without any instrumentation or manual upkeep. Eliminate manual remediation workflows by enforcing security policies automatically with zero drift across your entire K8s environment.

Reduce Costs & Tooling Overload

Eliminate the cost of installation, integrations, maintenance, training, and tooling upkeep while being more secure. Slash your security TCO by consolidating the cost of your tooling from API security, KSPM, ASPM, Microsegmentation, and Runtime Threat Detection and Response into one purpose-built Kubernetes-Native solution that requires no integrations or instrumentation to work.

Scale Kubernetes Faster

Don’t let security hold your Kubernetes development back. Operant shields every layer of your Kubernetes-based applications and scales automatically as you grow. Deploy faster and more securely with full knowledge of your K8s environment + security guardrails that protect your applications from dev to staging to prod.

93% of cloud-native companies experienced at least one security incident in their Kubernetes environment in the last 12 months

Real-world Example

A new shopping cart K8s deployment relying on third-party APIs was left open to the internet, where attackers used a machine identity to enter the company’s application internals and initiate a lateral attack. With instance scaling, new IP-addresses were dynamically assigned and the hard-coded network layer rules did not work. This breach in the shopping cart instance allowed the attacker to hop through the recommendation service and payment service instances, eventually stealing customer PII data
stored in their AWS S3 bucket.

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How Operant Solves It

Only Operant is able to stop this kind of lateral attack because Operant understands all of the live application traffic flow across every layer of the application and has the ability to enforce security policies within your environment:

  • Operant identifies the open API instantly
  • Operant provides immediate remediation enforcement action through its SaaS control plane
  • Operant enables security and platform engineers to set up new zero trust policies governing access controls to prevent future lateral attacks
  • Operant enforces those policies at runtime without drift in any new K8s cluster that is assigned via rule logic

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