Frictionless DevSecOps
like never before

Operant closes the control loop across the entire SDLC while eliminating headaches and manual code rewrites for dev, sec and ops

Shift Left with Runtime Insights and Proactive Guardrails in Dev and Staging

Data-Powered Guardrails

Leap beyond static code analysis and container scanning with  proactive security guardrails that harden product security during CI/CD and flow directly into production as live runtime controls.

Automatic API Security

Instant graphs and catalogs of all APIs (internal and 3rd party) based on live telemetry along with proactive policies and guardrails that protect your applications from development through deployment.

AppSec Policy-As-Code

Scale security across any cluster and any cloud with policy-as-code outputs that integrate automatically with GitHub so Dev, Sec, and Ops gain full transparency and control of security policies across the SDLC.

With zero instrumentation, your applications will be more secure

With a single-step install that takes less than 5 minutes, Operant provides unprecedented insights and fine-grained controls

Real-time Insights across dev, staging and prod

  • Live insights available with a single-step deployment
  • Identify and prioritize risks across all application layers
  • View the entire application stack across any cloud and any cluster in dev, staging and production with no instrumentation or application code changes

DevSecOps Guardrails

  • Implement guardrails that specify acceptable application behaviors to achieve continuous security improvements
  • Bring reactive and proactive practices together into guardrails based on real-world data
  • Stay in control of what guardrails are applied to which environments, regardless of scale and speed

Policy-as-Code at Scale

  • Export all of your Operant policies as policy-as-code for full control and extensibility in any cloud
  • Policy-as-code creates transparency and enables DevSecOps collaboration
  • Built-in GitHub integration fits with your GitOps workflows

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Save time and money while deploying secure applications faster

Secure Before You Deploy

Static security tooling in Dev and Staging don't protect against new attack vectors or nefarious behaviors. Protect your applications against common K8s attacks including lateral attacks, cryptomining, zero day vulns by identifying, prioritizing, and closing product security gaps based on live data directly without any extra eng projects.

Do More With Less

Know what's happening across your entire application stack before deployment with automatic visibility that reflects real-time telemetry. Identify and eliminate open gaps in dev and staging while eliminating manual remediation workflows across the entire SDLC.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate the cost of installation, integrations, maintenance, training, and tooling upkeep while being more secure. Slash your security TCO by consolidating the cost of your tooling from API security, KSPM, ASPM, Microsegmentation, and Runtime Threat Detection and Response into one purpose-built Kubernetes-Native solution that requires no integrations or instrumentation to work.

Deploy Products Faster

Don’t let security hold your product development back. Operant shields every layer of your cloud-native applications and scales automatically as you grow. Deploy faster and more securely with full knowledge of your entire application environment + proactive security guardrails recommended and enforced by Operant that protect your applications from development through deployment.

55% of cloud engineering teams have delayed or slowed down application deployment due to security concerns

Real-world Example

A new background check service that ingests sensitive customer data was pushed to prod at a FinTech company. The dev/staging environments did not enforce protocol security and endpoint validation, which meant that this API was left open to the public, just waiting to be discovered by attackers. When an attacker discovered the insecure http endpoints, they were quickly able to move laterally, causing a breach. This breach in the background check instance allowed the attacker to hop through to the internal services and access highly confidential PII data stored in their AWS S3 bucket, causing a major PR and regulatory issue for the company.

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How Operant Solves It

Only Operant protects against this scenario with a powerful multi-step shield.

  • Operant identifies the open API instantly in Dev and Staging and flags it to developers before it goes live
  • Operant provides Shift Left security policies that enforce security protocols and endpoint validation across the SDLC so that the developer can move forward without rewriting code
  • Operant enforces security protocols and endpoint validation in the live applications so that if something is missed, the shield is still active
  • Operant suggests new security guardrails based on live data to continuously harden the shield

Operant works everywhere you run your containers, even personal dev clusters

Operant in Action